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This fanciful rectangular scarf or stole features a deeply etched motif with plenty of textural interest to move the eye for a fascinating effect. When knit in a fine lace yarn, the linework will stand out in stark relief against a sheer background fabric. A mix of simple and complex lacework will keep this project interesting for intermediate and experienced lace knitters who want to stretch their skills. Be assured however that the wrong side work is quite logical and easily mastered with repetition—the stunning results are well worth the effort!

Substituting yarn and/or needles may result in an overall variation in size, drape, and yardage requirement.

yardage requirement for scarf(wrap): 475(1500) yards

Needle size: US 5 - 3.75mm
Sample shown is the scarf size, knit in Bare Naked Wools Cabécou Brillant Lace color Sel Gris