Bare Naked Wool's custom-spun artisan yarns are carefully curated by knit designer Anne Hanson to produce exceptional finished fabrics for handknitters and fiber artists. We only select the highest-quality, rare and exotic fibers, then work with small local mills and spinners right here in the U.S. to deliver a finished yarn that you'll love working with.

Our yarn skeins stand out from the crowd because we make sure they retain all their wonderful, natural goodness. They're sustainably made using earth-friendly, animal-friendly processes and they are completely free of all the harmful chemicals commonly found in textiles so you get the very best for all your projects and garments!

Better Breakfast DK
Better Breakfast DK From $18.00
Better Breakfast Fingering
Better Breakfast Worsted
Breakfast Blend DK
Breakfast Blend Fingering
Cabécou Sport
Chebris Sport
Chebris Sport $37.00
Chebris Worsted
Confection Sport
Confection Sport From $7.25
Confection Worsted
Confection Worsted From $16.00
Cormo Lace
Cormo Lace $38.00
Feederbrook Farm Entropy Sport
Fresh Lace
Fresh Lace From $19.50
Ghillie Sock
Ghillie Sock From $34.00
Ghillie Sport/DK
Ginny DK
Ginny DK $37.00
Hempshaugh Fingering
Hempshaugh Fingering From $22.50