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What's a Knit-Along?

A Knit-Along (KAL) is a collaborative knitting event where a group of knitters work on the same project simultaneously, often sharing their progress, tips, and encouragement.

We connect through Zoom chat meetings, offering a fantastic way to meet knitters and even crocheters from around the world!

Why should you join a Knit-Along (KAL)?

Share, learn and complete your projects!

How It Works

Anne Hanson hosts five KALs annually, each occurring every two months with unique themes ranging from fundraisers and challenges to mystery Wool-alongs!

To participate, simply sign up for the upcoming KAL or you can even join one if it has recently started.

After you sign up

Each KAL features unique themes, but they typically include:

A few guidelines...

1. Every KAL is unique, so depending on the theme, you receive a free pattern that matches. This could be a free sock pattern, sweater pattern, or something else fitting the theme.

2. Our Zoom chat meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:00 pm ET and Saturdays at 12:30 pm ET in a unique one-time-link per KAL. Each KAL session typically lasts 2 hours, but feel free to join or leave anytime. If you’re feeling shy, you can always join without your video and stay on mute!

3. The Ravelry Group forums offer an extra layer of connection with fellow KAL members. Here, we share important updates, showcase each other's projects, and encourage you to share your own. It's a friendly space where we love to knit, stitch and bitch, and often talk about our pets!

4. Every KAL features special giveaways, new product launches, and a dedicated newsletter packed with promotions. While each KAL is unique, giveaways and prizes are often reserved for members who join using either a Knitspot pattern or Bare Naked Wools yarn.

5. Every KAL is hosted by Anne Hanson, and we have three club moderators available to answer your questions. During your weekly meetings with Anne, you'll also gain valuable tips, tricks, and insights directly from her, along with much more!

About The Designer

Anne Hanson

Knitspot owner and designer Anne Hanson is a lifelong knitter with a background in fashion and graphic design. She teaches and writes about knitting, spinning, and designing on her blog, Anne lives and works in Ohio with her partner David, who shares her passion for wool. Together, they run the acclaimed Knitspot yarn clubs and the Bare Naked Wools yarn collection.



We host themed Knit-Alongs throughout the year, with a total of 5 unique KALs!

Mystery Wool-along (January) | Spring Knit-Along! (March) | Summer Knit-Along (May) | Rhinebeck Sweater Knit-Along (August) | Red Scarf Fundraiser Knit-Along (October).

Our previous Knit-Alongs!

Latest KALs

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