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“Give the Knitters What They Want!”

And that pretty much sums up, why we created Bare Naked Wools.😆

Well, perhaps there’s a little more to the story...

Bare Naked Wools founder, Anne Hanson, has been knitting since she was old enough to write her name. 

(Literally! That was the one condition Anne’s grandmother laid down before teaching her to knit.)

It wasn’t long before she began “modifying” designs to her own liking...and a short leap from there to creatingthen perfectingher very own one-of-a-kind patterns that have received industry wide recognition from respected design houses like Interweave, Brooklyn Tweed, Knitterly and Vogue Knitting

But why create a custom yarn line when there are so many yarn labels already out there? 


Specifically, the demand for natural and unique artisan quality yarns. 

As knitters, we're creating our own fabric. So it totally makes sense that the yarn we choose can make or break the entire project.

(I mean, don't you just want to cry when you finish hours of knitting only to find the yarn wasn't quite right??)

Even the most beautiful designs and skillful knitting can be ruined by the fabric 

Anne realized she was pretty lucky. She had an advantage that most knitters didn't; she wasn't stuck working with ordinary, mass-produced yarn.

[Psst...Did you know that even expensive ‘luxury’ yarn can be soaked in insecticides and other toxic chemicals to perserve it for the long shipping hauls from India and China?]

Small indie yarn makers would often send unique speciality yarns that were dreamy to handle and bloomed into gorgeous finished fabrics

”Wouldn’t it be incredible if every knitter could get their hands on yarn like this?,” Anne wondered to herself...

And with her industry connections and insight as both a knitter and designer, Anne could make those lovely skeins even more delectable—by sourcing the highest quality heritage fleeces and rare fibers, creating delicious pairings, and supporting the small U.S. mills that turn yarn spinning into the artform that it really is. 

Basically, Anne created the yarns that she would love working with... and then shared them with her fellow knitters so they could get the head-turning results their projects deserved.

What You Can Expect from Bare Naked Wools Yarn

  • Some of the softest wools you've ever experienced—seriously, you might not want to stop squishing long enough to knit
  • Crisp stitch definition that makes cables pop and brings even simple stitchwork to life
  • Luxury yarn that packs all the powerhouse benefits of sheep-to-skein, “farm yarn”
  • Durable yarn that never fades and naturally resists pilling (because it’s not dyed or broken down by harsh chemical processing)
  • Small-batch character that only true artisans can create and that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Sustainable production that’s earth and animal friendly, sourced and spun in the U.S. for the freshest fiber