Dot in Box Felted Bag
Dot in Box Felted Bag
Dot in Box Felted Bag


Dot in Box Felted Bag

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A knitting pattern for a bag worked in a mosaic stitch with a single strand of worsted weight throughout, except for handles.

Suggested Yarns: Nature Spun Worsted, Cascade 220, Galway Worsted, Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Outback Wool

Finished Size: 10”W x 8”h x 3”d

Yarn Requirements: Color A (base, handles) 250 yards; Color B (boxes and flap) 150 yards

Needles: 24” Circular Needles size US10.5 (6.5mm) and US11 (8mm), DP Needles size US11 (8mm)

Accessories: 1 button - pattern accomodates a 0.75” button; increase buttonhole size as needed