Origin of Shetland Wool

Origin of Shetland Wool

If you love a luscious, squishy, sheepy yarn then you'll love Shetlandia. Available in fingering and sport weight, this 2-ply confection spun from British Shetland wool knits up into airy, light fabrics. Its slightly fuzzy nature also provides the necessary cohesion for colorwork.

Custom spun for our Barn Box subscription and now available to everyone, get your needles on it while it lasts. Shetlandia is available in three all-natural solid shades: Moorit, a warm cognac hued brown; Emsket, a cushy earthy-gray; and a soft dreamy white. Additionally, Shetlandia Sport is available in the beautifully blended marled tones of Moorit/White, Moorit/Emsket, and Emsket/White. Used together in colorwork patterns, these shades make for ethereal transitions and distinct focal points. Yum, yum!

As you may have guessed, Shetlandia is spun from the wool of the Shetland sheep breed. This is one of the smallest British breeds and part of the Northern short-tailed sheep group. For centuries, Shetlands adapted to living in harsh conditions and are easier to take care of today because of it. Shetlands are known for their very fine, soft wool. Their fleece is well crimped with an average staple length of 4.5-6 inches. We have been waiting forever for the stars to line up so we could get the premium quality that we insist on for our knitters. The final result, Shetlandia, has been well worth the wait!

Because Shetlands have such a naturally broad range of wool types and colors, it's a go-to favorite for hand spinners and fiber artists who love "bare naked" wools. There are eleven main colors of Shetland with 30 marking combinations. Rest assured, our undyed yarns retain all the softness, liveliness, and gloss of the natural fiber.

You’ll find this yarn light, lofty and consistent…and of course, extremely durable – just what we like in our yarns. The bounce keeps the final yarn feeling airy as it runs through your hands and it makes an excellent candidate for a variety of knit fabrics—everything from lace to cables to knit/purl texture, and of course, colorwork.


Shown here: Highland Spring in Shetlandia Fingering, shade White and Henley With a Twist in Shetlandia Sport, shade Moorit

When knitting lace, it positively transforms, filling with light and ready to catch every little spring breeze that drifts by. You'll also notice an excellent drape when blocked, which keeps its shape long after the pins are removed. For your next sweater or shawl, try out Shetlandia!

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