5 Patterns to Knit This Summer

5 Patterns to Knit This Summer

Summer is as great a time as any to show off your handmade wardrobe. Focusing on lightweight designs and lace motifs allows the breeze to flow through and comfort to stay. Here are five summer knitting pattern ideas. Knit one or all five and share with your friends! 

  1. Nightingale Wing

Complete the look of a summer dress or top with this rectangular stole knit in one piece. The airy fabric produces an arabesque of interlocking shapes with crisp lines, delicate eyelets, and pretty points along the hem edges.

  1. Costa Figueria

Say hello to sunshine in a vest or sleeveless pullover with feminine flair. Costa Figuera has the look of cables without the hassle. Knit one for now and save the long sleeve version for later. 

  1. Sangria Skirt

Can I get a Sangria with that? How can you say no to a flattering skirt with a drawstring waist? The variety of stitch patterns keeps the project interesting and adds a drip of elegance. 

  1. Rimefrost

Get inspired to get outside with these beautiful socks on your feet. Whether you’re birdwatching, hiking, or watering the plants, Rimefrost will stay in place and become a quick favorite. 

  1. Meret

Knitters of any skill level can step forward for this heaven-sent scarf. Featuring an openwork stitch pattern with playful bobbles in between, Meret highlights a variety of textures and delivers stunning results. 

Which pattern is catching your eye? Let us know and tag us on social @barenakedwools For more summer pattern inspo, checkout our collection of lace designs. Happy Knitting!

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