Benefits of Natural Wool

Benefits of Natural Wool

Natural wool is the number one choice for many fiber artists. It produces high quality yarn that knits or crochets with ease. With the care and effort that goes into handmade gifts, it makes sense to prioritize high quality materials for such cherished possessions. 

Natural wool is eco-friendly - it naturally decomposes into the soil releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth. It’s renewable since sheep will always be naturally growing their beautiful fleece. Being chemical and dye-free means no toxins are released into the air, water, or waste during processing that might pollute the environment. 

The temperature-regulating qualities of wool help keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. Natural wool is durable—skipping chemicals and dye helps it retain its strength and spring to resist pilling and wrinkling. It keeps your projects lively for years so you can treasure the memories and effort that went into making them. 

Expect nothing less than crisp stitch definition that makes cables pop and brings even simple stitchwork to life. Natural wool is known to hold its shape and produce garments that are soft, wearable, and luxurious. Contrary to popular belief that wool is scratchy, chemical-free fiber actually feels very soft and squishy to the touch. Some breeds in particular such as merino and alpaca are extremely comfortable next to the skin and help those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions.

At Bare Naked Wools, we source our fibers from family farms and produce our yarns at small artisan mills in the US. Many of the spinners we work with are crafters themselves and value ethical, sustainable production. 

If you’re new to natural yarn, try sampling with our Just Try Me (Cap, Cowl, or Mitts) Kit. Want to really dig in and explore? Join our Barn Box subscription to receive a premium skein of natural yarn every other month with a free choice pattern and educational resources.

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