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Cormo Lace Cormo Lace American Cormo Sheep grazing under a cloudy sky

Cormo Lace


Cormo wool truly fills the modern requirement for long-staple, high-yielding, fine wool. This relatively new sheep breed produces soft, springy, bright white fleece (as well as natural colors). Lovingly raised and spun in the U.S. You'll love the lofty fabrics created with this all-natural artisan yarn. 

100% Cormo wool, natural white, 2 ply worsted-spun

4 oz. skeins/1140 yards

Recommended needle size: US 2 - 6 (3.25 mm to 4.0 mm)

Knit Sample: Juneteenth in Cormo Lace, Purity. 

Other suggested patterns: Fernfrost Scarf, Autumn Arbor Stole, Nightingale Wing Stole, Winterwood ShawlEve in Eden Shawl, Fiddlehead Scarf, Sonnenblume Shawl, Harrier Shawl, Simurgh Lace Stole.