Stainless Steel products are made of high grade stainless steel.  They have a nice smooth, satin sheen that won't reflect any light making it hard to see your work.  They are lightweight and strong!
Bare Naked Wools Zipper Tote
Black Horn Buttons (32L/20mm)
Blanket Statement 2015 Bag
Blocking Knits with Anne Hanson DVD
BNW Project Bags
BNW Project Bags From $6.00
Box in Box Felted Bag
Brown Agoya Shell Buttons
Brown Mussel Button
Bubble Bag
Bubble Bag $7.00
Buffalo Horn "Scotty" (20L, 12mm, 1/2in)
Buffalo Horn Buttons "Jordan" (26L, 16mm, 5/8in)
Cabana Stripes Bag
Cedar Sachets (4-pack)
Chiaogoo 16" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 24" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 32" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 40" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 6" Double Point Needles
Dot in Box Felted Bag
Ecobutterfly Artisan Glass Beads --Mottled Ash