Spring LAL: Featured Designs & Yarns
The spring season is upon us - why not celebrate with a lace project and your favorite natural wool? This time of renewal is perfect to gain some inspiration and refresh your knitting skills. Grab your friends, your needles, and join us in the highly anticipated Spring Lace-A-Long!
Keep reading to see some exclusive pattern and yarn suggestions from designer Anne Hanson. To view the full selection of our lace patterns, click here. Bare Naked Wools artisan yarns are eco-friendly and long lasting to make beautiful spring staples. The LAL starts April 2nd and we can’t wait to see what you create!
Featured Pattern #1: Harrier Lace Shawl
If you’re up for a challenge, this triangle shawl with alluring movement is worth the effort for the stunning results it brings. The fanciful linework and interesting motif will keep you engaged and flourish a beautiful covering for a solid top or dress.
Featured Pattern #2: Stonewall
Rippling ribs surround the allover five-point print of this universally appealing scarf or stole. Worked in one piece from stitches that are easily executed, this lightweight project makes great travel and gift knitting.
Featured Pattern #3: David Sock
If you’re seeking to knit something for him, the David Sock is a quick, beginner sock pattern that only requires a skein or two depending on size. The deep garter rib cuff and matching heel provide textural contrast for an allover openwork pattern of tilting checks.
Featured Pattern #4: Snow on Cedars Mitt
This popular fingerless mitt pattern depicts pine trees and snowflakes to show love for the outdoors. The fitted thumb gusset and mid-length construction are a sign of endless comfort for the lucky one who wears them.
Featured Pattern #5: Honey Baby
Baby’s first shawl should be happy, busy, and spectacular! Worked in the round from the center out, Honey Baby will get better as it grows into a beautiful wrap for the little one during a nap.
Featured Pattern #6: Vine Flower Dress
Imagine how adorable your little angel would look in this darling baby’s dress. This easy to follow pattern is bound to be the cutest in your collection.
Featured Yarn #1: Yak + Silk Lace 
If you want a soft and lightweight feel to your shawls or stoles, Yak + Silk Lace is sure to be your favorite. In a word, it's heavenly next to the skin. The natural cream colorway has a pearly sheen that highlights complex patterns beautifully.
Featured Yarn #2: Kent Lace
60% merino and 40% romney longwool together make soft and squishy yarn that’s lightweight with lovely drape. Whether you’re making a sweater or scarf, the finished project is breathable and delicious without a doubt.
Featured Yarn #3: Polwarth Sport
 Sourced from flocks in the Falkland Islands, Polwarth Sport has the velvet feel of merino with a longer staple length and a bit of sheen for excellent stitch definition.
Featured Yarn #4: Jacob Fingering
Jacob wool comes from a British breed of multi-horned sheep known for their superior fiber quality and airy feel. The medium-fine grade wool has a high luster that is highly sought after by handknitters.
Featured Yarn #5: Modern Deco Lace
Modern Deco Lace is a luxuriously delicate 2-ply blend of 50% combed targhee wool and 50% Tencel. It knits into a smooth fabric with beautiful sheen and drape.
Featured Yarn #6: Shetlandia Fingering
Shetland is a fine, lustrous long wool that knits up into airy, light lace fabrics. It's slightly fuzzy nature also provides the necessary cohesion for colorwork.



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