Birnam Wood Wrap

Birnam Wood Wrap

This cozy wrap is the sibling to the Dovecote Shawl. the repeating theme of simple diamond motifs is played once again here. First, in a straightforward direction, then changing to a crosswise formation, and eventually diverging into multiple diagonal pathways. An engaging knit from start to finish in luxurious sport-weight or laceweight yarn, this is a bramble to happily get lost in, both in the knitting and the wearing.

Shown above: size petite in the unspeakably gorgeous Road to China light, an alpaca/silk/camel/cashmere blend from The Fibre Company, colorway Grey Pearl. To purchase the Birnam Wood Wrap pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page.

Once again, Kate and Courtney at Kelbourne Woolens were generous with yarn support for this project (and the previously-released Dovecote Shawl), providing the luxuriously beautiful Fibre Company yarn shown here. Thank you so much! Karolyn test knit not one, but TWO copies of this piece because we worked up the numbers for a laceweight version as well, included in the pattern.

Many thanks as always to David for these beautiful photos—he’s celebrating his birthday today!

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