Self-Care Knitting KAL

Self-Care Knitting KAL

Coming to you in January 2022! Not only does knitting bring loved ones together and serve as a healthy hobby for millions around the world, it holds significant benefits for mental health. Many knitters enjoy the escape and calming demeanor they feel while moving their hands — It gives the mind a break and allows for a state of relaxation and mindfulness. Sign up for the Self Care Sweater KAL here!

Knitting is good for the mind and body, it has been proven to lower stress levels as well as chronic pain. Plus, a finished project produces feelings of higher self-esteem and accomplishment. There’s nothing like a brand new sweater to show off your hard work and TLC.

From online groups to charity opportunities, knitting promotes the social connection we all long for. We invite you to join us in the Self Care Sweater KAL to find your sense of belonging with others who have a passion for casting on. 

If you haven't tackled sweater knitting yet, don’t hold yourself back—a KAL is a great opportunity to delve into this rewarding avenue of knitting. Surrounded by knitters of all skill levels, you can enjoy setting goals and learning to apply your existing skills toward a finished garment—the ultimate gratification! If you can read a pattern and knit a sock or mitten, you already have the prerequisites. And with our merry band of participants, you’ll have all the support you need to knit your first sweater.

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