All kinds of questions about schaeffer Anne; I love it!

Anne C. says:

Hey, my name is Anne, too (All Annes should get a couple of hanks)! Where is Little Knits?
That yarn is sooo lovely.
P.S. Completed my first-ever sock. Second is getting close to the toe! Can’t wait, it fits like a glove…..


PersnicketyKnitter says:

Hey, I just got some of that Anne yarn too. I’m thinking of making socks since I only have 1 skein. Can’t wait to see what you make out of yours.

Well, if your name is Anne, then by rights you should have free reign to buy however much you want! And if your name isn’t Anne, you need to get as much as will make you feel at one with your inner Anne! Try or Google it. Little Knits is in Seattle, but it doesn’t matter. Debbie pretty much cleaned them out, I think.

They might have a few hanks left . . . and Debbie is now officially engaged in a no-yarn-buying bet with Steve (she needs a lot of support in this folks). Steve is SO sure he’s gonna win, that he decided the prize could be a yarn shopping spree. Clearly, Steve has reality issues and totally underestimates Debbie on so many levels . . .

I actually never made socks with this yarn yet! Thought now that I have two hanks, I might. I’ve been using it for lacy things. The Japanese Feather Stole is made in it, a nearly solid color of midnight blue with gray and green streaks. The more variegated versions might be nice in a wavy lace pattern. I’m waffling between making a triangle shawl with all of it, or a stole plus a pair of socks. Hmmm, it’s not as lofty/cozy as some of the other sock yarns, which is what makes me hesitant about the socks, but anxious to use it for lace.

All the colors of Anne are just gorgeous—here’s a place where you can see
more. Some day I’m going to get that red colorway (I think they call it Clara Barton) and the other one I LOVE is color 4AP.

Well, anyway, tonight I am finally free from work to browse through stitch books, knit, and just veg. Noble, aren’t I? I should be jumping on my bike an hour ago to get out in this great weather. But I’m beat; I mean really tired. And we’re having company tomorrow so I want to cook a big pot of something, but maybe I should do that in the morning, eh?

I took stock of my projects, because now that the Ostrich Plumes is done, I’m a little at a loss. I know I always have my cable sweater to go back to (and I will, you’ll see . . .) I have a plethora of socks in various stages of progress:

Each one is moving along in its own way . . . and I have this lovely little dainty. This, I think, is the winner for the project I will focus on next. I haven’t worked on it all week, but now I’m ready:

This is based on a lace project we did in Wednesday night class. We beta-tested a pattern I wrote. Everyone’s scarf came out AWESOME! I fixed a couple of typos that we found and took out one of the lace patterns (it was a little busier than I wanted). The pattern will have instructions for a scarf or stole. You will see the results as I go!

So, the other day I got an email from Patternworks saying that they are having a needle mania sale. Well, anything to do with mania—just point me toward it!
Normally, I don’t use wood needles; I prefer metal because they are faster. But Patternworks carries these ebony needles I do like. I have one size 7 pair that I bought there about 10 years ago and I use them a lot for knitting lace because the points are nice.

So I ordered another size 7 pair in the shorter 24-inch length and two size 8 pairs—those are the sizes I use most for lace knitting. They came two days ago, only now did I have time to open the box!

I have to say, I’m a tad wee bit disappointed. The size 7s are perfect, with slender long-tapering points. But look at those size 8s!! NOT for lace knitting! I know I can remedy this because I saw it on DancesWithWool. Debbie fixed her addi’s so maybe she can help. I’m just a little nervous about wrecking the beautiful ebony wood . . .

I also got some Susan Bates metal sock needles which we don’t carry at the shop (again, I love the metal ones!) I finally figured out something about knitting David’s double-wides: if I use these slightly longer needles, all the stitches will stay on! Much as I love the shorter needle length, it doesn’t work for his socks. But these 7-inch ones are perfect—still comfortable in my (quite large) hands, but short enough to be efficient. Took me long enough to cave in and go back to longer needles (meaning that back in the cave days, when I learned to make socks, long metal needles were all we had . . .)

While I was at it, I indulged in my one gadget fetish. I am not much of a gadget person unless I have a LOT of use for something. Like scissors, or yarn needles, or my beloved C-thru rulers, or . . . .heh heh heh . . . stitch markers. Don’t even try to get me to explain or understand my attachment to these little circles of plastic. I can’t explain. Just know that I have, quite possibly, more of them than any other knitter.


And . . . i hoard them. It might stem from the fact that as a girl, I had to use homemade ones (basically, yarn loops) and I grew to abhor those (they are always getting caught or falling out), yea, to yearn for the store-bought kind. Anyway, I have all the different types. I mean, what could be cheaper and smaller to collect than old plastic circles? I have a wide selection of vintage ones in colors such as coral, turquoise, beige, and gray. Kinda puts today’s mundane blue and red ones to shame, huh?

So, recently, I discovered a new kind i didn’t have. I’ve been meaning to go find them, but never did (we don’t have them at the shop). Since I was ordering at Patternworks, I treated myself.

Check it out—you can add them on afterward! There’s a little snap on each one to open and close it so it can be added or moved around. Aren’t they cool? similar to the locking markers, but not as bulky (by the way, those locking ones now come in a giant size and new colors!!).

Alright, I’ve been running on and on instead of goin off to relax. I'm hoping to upload the pictures for this post, but I am uploading a work project and it’s taking 4EVER!

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