Origin of CVM Wool

Origin of CVM Wool

Our new CVM/Merino DK is the perfect choice for your next sweater or accessory cast-on. Each skein is custom-spun creating a unique blend you can’t find anywhere else. Combining the soft texture of merino and the sophisticated structure of CVM, this delectably smooth, 3-ply yarn is quickly moving off the shelves!

CVM or the California Mutant Variegated sheep breed is a derivative of the Romeldale. CVMs are unique because of their multicolored pattern of fleece, carrying a mutant gene causing the difference in color. CVMs were developed by farmer Glen Eidman of California in the 1960s. Thereafter, he spent 15 years developing the breed to ensure consistent genetics. By 1982, he had 75 CVM sheep and sold them to nearby farmers. Farmers took interest in CVM sheep because they have beautiful wool, produce a good carcass, and can survive through extreme weather. 

These beautiful creatures offer high yield, long staple, fine wool with an average staple length of 3-6 inches each year. The fiber diameter comes to about 22-25 microns. Their wool has a defined crimp with long-lasting strength. The versatility of CVM yarn has piqued the interest of many fiber artists as a supplement to slow fashion. 

The CVM breed is still growing and making its mark throughout the United States. It remains a threatened species with less than 2,000 CVM sheep currently in existence. CVM is a great wool option to try if you love strong stitch definition with an artisan feel. The yarn it produces is far and few between, so get your stash of CVM/Merino DK while you can!

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