My Tip for Faster Knitting (That You Can Actually Enjoy)

My Tip for Faster Knitting (That You Can Actually Enjoy)

Well, the first month of the new year is wrapping up, and I admit it’s had its ups and downs, but I’m not complaining. I’m hopeful for the year ahead and looking forward to new patterns, new yarns and new growth opportunities (both personally and professionally) and I hope you are too. 

Now that we’re steam-rolling into February, I know that everywhere I turn, I’ll be bumping into red hearts, toddler-size stuffed animals and enough confectionary treats to send my dentist’s kids to Princeton (for a PhD). 

Some of us revel in the romantic bustle and others…would happily hunt down Hallmark and pop their heart-shaped helium balloon with a knitting needle. David and I are pretty romantic—for starters, we’d rather work together and weather the ups and downs of business ownership than see each other only for a few hours each evening. We have a regular “date” night, which we miss only on the rarest of occasions. Yet we don’t usually make a fuss over Valentine’s Day—we feel pretty lucky all year long with plenty of opportunities to show appreciation for each other

Bracing for the upcoming V-day barrage did get me thinking about great couples and how many adorable coordinating patterns there are now residing in the Knitspot design portfolio—many of them introduced via the Knitspot Yarn and Pattern ClubsPattern pairs are a fun and efficient way to knit. 

While some people love the learning process, most of us really enjoy that point where we simply get to relax into the rhythm of a pattern that we know and love. It’s really not so different from dating and relationships…one-off patterns are like a never-ending stream of first-dates. A great first date IS exciting; as you feel that delicious spark of chemistry, you can’t wait to learn everything there is to know about this person. 

As you get to know each other, some things may be better than you hoped, while others can be an unexpected challenge. You don’t frog the whole relationship though, because the end result could be something really special. If you put in the time to figure things out—and if the stars align—you just might end up together forever, making each year a fresh adventure while getting more and more comfortable over time. 

The same can be said for a great pattern motif. Once you’ve made one FO, you’re past the awkward (sometimes frustrating) “getting to know you stage”, ready to ditch the chart and relax with some smooth knitting…like sink into a scented bubble bath relaxed. 

You could make multiples of the same piece, changing up the colorway to keep things fresh or knitting a slightly different size. Or you can spice things up even more by keeping the motif and changing the project. Same motif you now know and love, but a brand new finished piece that complements the original. 

That’s the idea behind our “perfect pairs”—coordinating accessories to wear together. You get the idea.

Knitting perfect pairs solves another problem that plagues the enthusiastic technique junkie—oddball accessory combinations. I know I’m not the only knitter here with a big basket of unmatched mittens, hats, and scarves, one for each of my knitting passions, but no two alike. 

Sometimes a matching set is in order, after all . . . like on date night. So without further ado, here are Knitspot’s most famous couples (and even a few threesomes )…

Knitspot Matching Knit Motif Patterns

All of the motifs shown here have matching accessory patterns available to knit.

Miss Doolittle Scarf (+ Cowl Option) and Eliza Mitts


Bittersweet Vines Cowl and Mitt Set

Creel Cap, Cowl, and Mitts


Carlsbad Cowl, Torrey Pines Mittens, Hills in Jamul Hat


Curling Neck Warmer and Mitts

Hectare Cowl, Till Headband, Cob Hat


Honeydrops Cowl, Honeybuns Hat

Snow Tire Poncho Wrap, Snow Tire Scarf. Fat Tire Mittens


Colcannon Mitts, KalioLacinato Hat


High Peaks Mittens and Hat

Witch Elm Mitts and Cap


Wheaten Mitts and Cap, Wheaten Wrap


Hot Waffles Hat and Mitts 

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