Surprise Knitting Patterns [at a Discount!]

Surprise Knitting Patterns [at a Discount!]

Get surprised every Friday with a beautiful knitting pattern, along with special discount codes that only last for the weekend!

New for 2020, we’d like to introduce you to Knitspot’s Pattern of the Weekend, fondly known as KPOW.

This new feature is a fun, free perk just for email subscribers. (We like to call them our Knitspot VIPs.)

Every Friday, VIPs get surprised with a beautiful knitting pattern thoughtfully selected from our extensive knit design portfolio.

These patterns are written by an experienced designer (Knitspot founder, Anne Hanson) to be crystal-clear...then professionally tech edited...then test knit... so you have an enjoyable knitting experience with each and every one. 

Included in the KPOW email, you’ll find some interesting details about the featured design, suggested yarn pairings and two special discount codes. 

KPOW Discounts:

  • 30% off the featured pattern


  • Buy any of the suggested yarn and get the featured pattern free
    [Need help using discount codes? Just watch the videos below.]

    All KPOW discounts expire Sunday at midnight (Eastern time). 

    While these discounts can only be used at, we’re happy to send any pattern you purchase to your Ravelry library too. Just send your request and Ravelry username to after checkout.

    What kind of patterns are featured?

    We definitely don't want to bore you, so we make sure to mix up our featured pattern every weekend. 

    Some of the types of knitting patterns that you’ll find are:

    • scarf patterns - classic, eternity scarves and cowls
    • lace stoles and shawls - classic triangles, rectangle stoles, as well as modern asymmetrical designs
    • hats - jaunty tams, classic beanies, slouchy hipster styles and more
    • sweaters - size-inclusive pullovers and cardigans for men, women and unisex
    • blankets and wraps - baby blankets, lap blankets, throws and afghans
    • mittens - fingerless and classic, colorwork and solid in multiple sizes for a custom fit
    • socks and booties - toe-up, top-down, crew, knee and anklets. 

    Our aim is to inspire your knit gifting AND your well-deserved selfish knitting too!

    Basically, if it can be knitted and worn, it’s on the list! From quick and easy, 1-skein accessories to challenging, stash-busting knits that will build your stitch skills, it’s highly probable that it will show up as a Knitspot Pattern Of the Weekend. 

    Every week is different and we’re not likely to repeat a pattern for years to come, so if you love it, snap up the discount before it disappears!

    More KPOW FAQs

    Is the discount automatic? 

    No, you’ll need the special code from the email. This video shows how to use discount codes.

    Can I use the discount on Ravelry? How do I get the pattern in Ravelry?

    The discount code only works on our website, but we can easily add it to your Ravelry library, just let us know after you checkout by sending an email to with your Ravelry username.

    I bought yarn, but I didn’t get the pattern free - what’s wrong? 

    Make sure you have the right yarn and yarn weight in your cart (any of the suggestions in the email will work), you also need to have the pattern in your cart. Once you have both, just type in the code from the email. Watch how here.

    When does the discount begin/end? 

    The discount is active as soon as you receive the email on Friday and ends that Sunday at midnight Eastern.

    How do I sign up for the KPOW? 

    Everyone who signs up for our email list receives Friday's KPOW. We only send 2 emails per week and zealously protect your privacy. You may easily unsubscribe at any time (just click the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every email).

    Can I share the KPOW?

    We ask that you don't share the discount codes--that's a treat just for you--but if you know someone who might love Bare Naked Wools then invite them to become a VIP too at

    Can I get the KPOW pattern printed and shipped? 

    We do offer that choice for our standard patterns, but KPOW is pdf download only. If you would like a printed pattern and don't have printer access, try visiting your local library, Staples or UPS for inexpensive print options.

    As always, please contact our wonderful Knitspot Team if you need help or have any questions. 

    How to Use the 30% Off Discount Code:

     How to Get the Pattern Free with Yarn Purchase:


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