25 New Year's Knitting Resolutions

25 New Year's Knitting Resolutions

After knitting holiday gifts the last few months, it’s time to flip the script and focus on what you want to accomplish in the new year. Knitting is a wonderful comfort and a delightful distraction, but also a way to boost our self-esteem by conquering new techniques and challenging projects. In the fiber world, there’s a plethora of ways to revolutionize your knitting skills. Here’s 25 New Year’s Knitting Resolutions to improve your handknit wardrobe. 

  1. Attend a yarn festival. 
  2. Try a knitting kit
  3. Experiment with a cable knit pattern.
  4. Use up your yarn stash.
  5. Knit a sweater.
  6. Knit with natural yarn.
  7. Join a KAL.
  8. Finish your works in progress.
  9. Participate in the Yarn Discovery Tour.
  10. Knit something for yourself.
  11. Knit a gift for someone. 
  12. Learn how to knit dip stitch
  13. Knit for at least 1 hour each day. 
  14. Knit a lace pattern.
  15. Knit a colorwork pattern.
  16. Knit for a charity. 
  17. Knit a toe-up sock.
  18. Knit one pattern per week.
  19. Try a yarn subscription box
  20. Try brioche knitting.
  21. Visit a new yarn shop. 
  22. Join a new Ravelry Group (#1 Knitspot Fan is our recommendation!)
  23. Knit a matching set
  24. Learn how to knit the medallion rib stitch.
  25. Attend a knitting class.

At Bare Naked Wools, we have over 400 unique patterns from talented designer Anne Hanson. Whether you’d like to accomplish cables, dip your toes in some lacework, or are looking for the perfect beginner pattern, there’s a design for everyone and we are elated to see what you work up. Our eco-friendly natural yarns will have your heart from start to finish. Happy New Year from Anne and the Knitspot Team.

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