With the right knitting tools, you can create just about any project you want. Whether you're making something for yourself, or something for a special someone, adding a personal touch is sure to be appreciated!

Buttons: Our buttons are made from natural materials such as shell, bone and horn to coordinate beautifully with our natural fibers. Glass buttons are hand made in Vermont by Moving Mudd.

Needles: Our collection of knitting needles are made of high grade stainless steel. Lightweight and strong — They have a nice smooth, satin sheen that won't reflect any light making it hard to see your work. 

Chiaogoo 16" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 24" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 32" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 40" RED Lace Circulars
Chiaogoo 6" Bamboo Double Point Needles
Chiaogoo 6" Double Point Needles
Hiya Hiya 24" Circulars