Graze Scarf and Wrap by Anne Hanson
Highlander $8.00
Yarn Conversion
Printable Gift Tags for Knitters - Winter Wonderland
405 Lex
405 Lex $8.00
Fernfrost $6.00
Sheltie Triangle
Kent DK
Kent DK From $16.50
Printable Gift Tag - "Handknit with Love"
Stone Soup Fingering
Stone Soup Fingering From $10.00
Better Breakfast Fingering
Stone Soup DK
Stone Soup DK From $18.00
Better Breakfast DK
Better Breakfast DK From $19.00
Illas Cíes by Anne Hanson
Dandelion Honey
Mistle Toes
Mistle Toes $8.00
Whitethistle Neckwarmer
Triticum $8.00
Whitethistle Scarf or Stole
Interlaken Pullover
Caladium Scarf or Stole
Inky Dinky Jacket and Hat
Printable Sheep Memo
Leaving $9.00