When we originally scheduled the release of this pretty eyelet cardigan—Violet—we were thinking that March is the month when we begin seeing the tiny spring flowers. While a crocus or two has turned its face to the sun and some buds were beginning to appear, March has mostly been the scene of this.

Not very springy outside, but we knitters know how to change our weather at will—start a new project or cast on a new yarn to make it any season we please!

This design is so flexible—we’ve knit it in four of our favorite Bare Naked Wools yarns and the possibilities don’t end there. Today, I’m going to talk about two cool-weather versions that we’ve created and in a few weeks, I’ll refresh your vision by showing you two more samples in our spring/summer yarns.

When I conceived the idea for this simple, but very versatile little sweater, I was anxious to knit with and show off our Chebris Lace yarn in the latest colorway, Frappé: a complex, minky taupe shade that has beautiful depth. The incredible yardage in this lovely lace wool means that you can make most sizes cardigan or vest with just two or three skeins. It looks great with the Leaf and Fagot scarf knit in soft Ginny Sport yarn from my Lace Lessons eBook (twelve lace scarves and variations).

The luxurious mohair fiber catches every glimmer of light that passes through the holes in the fabric, bringing the whole piece to life. Soft against the skin and light as a feather, this option can be worn with confidence to the office over beautifully tailored skirt or slacks and later, to a fancy dress party when paired with a long skirt (especially when adorned with tiny glass buttons from Moving Mud). And don’t even get me started on the mayhem that’ll ensue when you wear it with black leather . . .

Once I’d knit that first sample, I wasn’t done—all along I had also pictured it as a prim tweed vest and knew that our Stone Soup Fingering yarn was the best bet for creating this look. The first sample knit up so fast that I barely had time to get to know it well; I was totally up for a second one. I pulled a couple of skeins in our darkest shade, River Rock, and cast on right away. It was a wonderful traveling companion during the fall teaching season.

Whether your preference is fuzzy and soft, silky and shiny, simple and cottony, or warm and tweedy, we’ve got a yarn choice that will turn out beautifully for you.

I love the body shaping in this piece—just enough to give you a waist if you don’t quite have one, but not so much that it feels constrained or won’t button. Its placement is set in from the side seams to smooth the torso and accent the bust area nicely.

Even when you wear it loose and open, it has a lovely shape that falls toward the body and doesn’t sag unattractively. And if you really, really don’t like shaping, you can simply eliminate it and skip to the next step, easy-peasy.

It’s the perfect little spring sweater and one that will move gracefully throughout the seasons with your changing wardrobe. one easy-to-knit piece that barely looks the part, but is a workhorse for your wardrobe. Add a small arsenal of equally easy-to-knit lace scarves—you can wear the cardigan more often and switch the look completely. We have a fresh new crop of those, too.

I can’t wait to show you more samples of this design in our summer yarns! Today it’s a bit chilly and snowy for that, but very soon, we’ll be panting for them and I’ll have your back.

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