Sweater to knit for this fall.

Top 10 Sweaters for Fall

By Michelle Cooper

Ah, aside from the eagerly anticipated pumpkin spice lattes and, well, just about anything pumpkin-infused, there's the foliage, the colors, the leaf piles, and just about everything! What I can unequivocally declare is my preference for styling outfits during Fall. While I absolutely adore the sun-soaked days of summer and the beachy vibes, let's be honest, it's a bit of a challenge to stay effortlessly chic amidst all the heat and humidity.

Autumn, on the other hand, is a game-changer. It's the sweet spot where you can revel in your wardrobe choices without fretting about overheating or feeling uncomfortably cold. It's the Goldilocks season, just right for flaunting your favorite ensembles, as long as they keep you snug and toasty. And what better way to do so than with my absolute favorites—Knitspot sweaters?

So here I go, and let's get started! 

1. Box Top Smock

The moment it dropped, did you check out our social media? The Box Top Smock is generating quite the buzz! Those pockets, they're simply impeccable. And the sleeve length? Ideal for layering over a crisp button-up with just the right amount peeking out through the neckline. Plus, it adds that extra touch of sophistication to the sleeves, especially if they are puffy! 

The Box Top was crafted in two exquisite samples: one in the luxurious Kent Aran (Yes, new yarn alert!) in color Mussell Shell with pockets! And another sample in Targhee Tango Worsted, Argentine, without pockets. Let me tell you, both are absolutely breathtaking.

When Anne unveiled the blocked Targhee Tango  worsted version, I was genuinely taken aback. I couldn't believe it was made with Targhee Tango! (Seriously, Anne, joking about yarn?) But truthfully, have you ever experienced Targhee Tango after it's been blocked? It's an absolute delight!


2. Rough Edges 

This design is translated in three versatile versions: a cardigan, a pullover, and a skirt! It exudes a timeless and refined elegance, especially the cardigan. It's the kind of design that effortlessly transitions from the office to couch surfing to Saturday afternoon fun.

I like to envision the combined pieces as a knitted suit – a polished ensemble that pairs seamlessly with your professional attire. Throw it on as your next work outfit and you're good to go!

The sweater perfect for creating a snug and stylish fall look. Picture it with wide-legged pants, some chic boots, and top it off with a stylish hat!

When crafted with Stone Soup Worsted, it brings a rustic charm that's further elevated with the addition of antler buttons, creating a truly striking ensemble!

Alternatively, consider embellishing with our new Linda's buttons! These would be absolutely charming when paired with Kent Worsted or the sumptuously soft Better Breakfast Worsted.

3. Ondulé 

Ondulé is far from your average knit. Its silhouette is tapered to accentuate the waist, featuring a graceful hourglass shape that widens from the waist into a chic peplum. Picture it paired with a long-sleeved dress – the result is nothing short of stunning! Ondulé was originally released in 2009, and we recently featured it in Finn Dandy 2-ply yarn, color Haze. Allow me to share a valuable insight I've gained during my time at Bare Naked Wools: the choice of yarn can entirely transform the look of any design, so choose with discernment.

Suggested Yarns:
Shetlandia Sport, Modern Deco Sport, Confection Sport, Targhee Tango Sport, Finn Dandy 3-ply Sport, or any sport weight yarn with approximately 400 yards per 4 ounces. 
Buttons: Alena Buttons

4. Interlaken 

It's not just a pullover; it's a mock turtleneck with striking stitch details. The Interlaken Pullover is the epitome of style and comfort, especially when crafted with Finn Dandy 3-ply Sport yarn in the Lynx color. And there's more—this design also offers matching motifs for a skirt and a cap to complete the perfect ensemble!

Suggested Yarns: 
Targhee Tango SportFinn Dandy 3-ply SportFinn Dandy 2-ply SportShetlandia SportJacob’s Dream Sport, or Kent DKStone Soup DKBetter Breakfast DK, or any heavy sport/light DK yarn that knits to pattern gauge

5. Sea Fret Cardigan

The Sea Fret Cardigan exudes a timeless simplicity that can be interpreted in two neckline options. It can be effortlessly styled for a casual look with vibrant hues, or elevated to a sophisticated chic with muted gray tones. Prefer a pullover? We got that covered too!

6. Her Home Office

This sweater offers versatile styling options, featuring a choice between a V-neck, crew neck, pullover, or as a cardigan. While it can certainly be worn on its own, I personally suggest layering it with a button-up top. This not only adds a subtle accent at the neck and cuffs but also provides an excellent opportunity to create a striking contrast between the yarn shade and your chosen top.
Suggested Yarns:
Kent DKStone Soup DKBetter Breakfast DKTarghee Tango SportChebris Sport, or any DK/sport yarn that knits to pattern gauge.

7. Deep Dive 

Doesn't this sweater look charming styled here with a delicate silk scarf tucked into the neckline? Perhaps not a bulky one, but rather a chic, French-inspired silky accessory draped sideways. Now, that's a flawless combination to complement this sweater! This sample was crafted in Stone SoupFingering in River Rock

8. Henley with a Twist

I adore the button-up detailing in this design, as well as the allover cable motif. Consider adding  a light shirt or some accessories to enhance the look. If you're working with autumnal shades, a layered gold necklace, along with dainty rings and bracelets, would undoubtedly elevate the ensemble.
Suggested Yarns:
Better Breakfast FingeringStone Soup FingeringModern Deco SportFinn Dandy 3-ply SportShetlandia Sport or any soft fingering/sport yarn that knits to the pattern gauge. 

9. Bel Air

This is unquestionably attractive garment is perfect for layering over a turtleneck or even underneath a coat to showcase that exquisite openwork. To further accentuate this design, consider adding some beautifully crafted solid buttons, like maybe Arie Buttons or Alena buttons.
This design was crafted with G.O.A.T. Fingering in Serena
Suggested Yarns: 
Better Breakfast FingeringBreakfast Blend FingeringStone Soup FingeringModern Deco SportFinn Dandy Sport, or any springy fingering/sport yarn with 360-400 yards per 4 ounces.

10. Aztec Mazes

What's not to adore about this design? I can already sense it's a captivating knit, promising an engaging experience akin to solving a mystery puzzle. But setting knitting aside, the intricate motif of this design truly shines when paired with a gorgeous yarn, enhancing its beauty. Trust me, when adorned with a dainty pendant necklace, this sweater alone is enough to make you stand out beautifully this autumn!
Suggested Yarns: 
Better Breakfast Fingering (modeled in Sugar Frost), Stone Soup FingeringModern Deco SportFinn Dandy Sport, or any high-twist sport yarn that knits to the pattern gauge




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