Origin of Kent Yarn

Origin of Kent Yarn

Kent is a lustrous 2-ply yarn spun from Romney wool and combed merino top. It is available in lace, DK, and worsted weight. Kent has continuously received praise for its squishy feel against the hands, lovely color selection, and superb stitch definition. It truly is a game changer for fiber artists. 


Shown here: Pedal Pusher in Kent Worsted (Driftwood) Isadora Lace Scarf in Kent Lace (Tide Pool) and Squeeze Me Infinity Cowl with Squish Me cap in Kent DK (Coconut Husk)

Romney sheep are a heritage luster wool breed native to Kent, England and were recognized as "Romney Marsh" or "Kent" in the early 1800s. A harsh, windswept and rainy environment, the Kent landscape is abundant with lush forage on which the sheep freely feed. England remained the largest exporter of Romney for many years, but in the 1900s other countries followed suit in breeding the imports they received from England. Ours is entirely homegrown and spun here in the US.

Since this breed originated in the marshy, coastal area of Kent, England, their wool grows long and silky to shelter them from the damp air and harsh ocean winds. These geographic and climatic conditions led to the development of positive traits such as hooves that are resistant to foot rot and fleeces that remain healthy in harsh weather.

The Romney breed fiber is sought after by knitters and spinners alike for its wide array of natural colors. There is even an American Romney Breeders Association of America that has set standards for the breed colors. Given that we specialize in natural shades, we love the variety that this offers for our Kent line!

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