Origin of Bluefaced Leicester Wool

Origin of Bluefaced Leicester Wool

Knit the night away with our gorgeous gradients of Feederbrook Farm Entropy DK. Sourced in the US from 100% Bluefaced Leicester Wool, each skein is a unique combination of eco-friendly dyes spun into beautiful bands of vibrant color. Bluefaced Leicester is a luster wool with a nice hand for cozy accessories.

This dual-purpose sheep was developed in England in the late 1800s as one of the three leicester breeds. Bluefaced Leicester sheep got their name from the dark blue skin seen on their face and under their soft white wool. Featuring a Roman nose and long upright ears, Bluefaced Leicester sheep have a unique look that is easy to identify. Interestingly, they do not carry fleece on their face, legs, or belly. Bluefaced Leicester Sheep are fairly new to the United States, only having been here since the 1980s.

Bluefaced Leicester ewes are known to be great mothers, often birthing twins or triplets. Contrary to other sheep breeds, BFLs are large and require living in high quality, well drained pastures.

Their long, lustrous locks and soft wool make Bluefaced Leicester of high demand to hand spinners. They have a staple length of up to 6 inches, categorized as a longwool breed. By nature, the characteristics of the long wool prevent pilling when worked into a fabric. This fabric has a lovely sheen and drape beyond that of other yarns. The 24-28 micron count is very soft and comfortable to wear against the skin.

The wool responds well to dyes, as seen in the vibrant Feederbrook Farm Entropy DK. Give it a try and let us know the difference you notice in this single breed artisan yarn. Available in six luminous shades, which one is calling your name?

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