Keukenhof Sok

Keukenhof Sok

A pretty sock that is perfect for the spring, when you still want to keep warm but you do not mind a little breeze. Making a beautiful statement in a chunky sandal  or peaking through your favorite white sneakers. The Keukenhof Sok is wonderful and you will have loved that you added it to your collection.  

Inspired by the Keukenhof Gardens located in the Netherlands, the most beautiful spring garden in the world with vast rows of tulips that bloom in March. At first I thought about naming it tulip ribbons because of the floral lace rib that extends down the leg and over the foot like ribbons of tulips.

shown here, size small in woolen rabbit bambino, colorway, mama mia.

My friend Kim is one of the best dyers out there; i always enjoy knitting up her beautiful yarns and this one was no exception—thank you Kim! You can see a full array of her gorgeous yarns in her online shop. Ronni helped me out with proofreading on this one. You might recognize her from comments; welcome ronni! Gail leapt at the opportunity to test knit the sock (how does she do it??) for which i am completely grateful; thank you Gail! and then there is my buddy Kim (sadly blogless), who can model socks, text her kids, and carry on a conversation with me and Beckie, all the while perched on the edge of a rockpile surrounded by pounding surf. AND she makes it look easy. Thank you Kim!

The Keukenhok Sok would be delicious in Better Breakfast Fingering or for more of a pinky color Stitch Mischief Stellar Sock. The buttery soft feeling would be wonderful for spring and summer. Get your needles on The Keukenhok Sok today!

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