Horn of Plenty Cowl

Horn of Plenty Cowl

It’s my first pattern release of the new year! I wanted to start the year off strong with an eye-catching colorwork piece. After bingeing Emily in Paris and seeing the high fashion accessories featured in the show, I knew I wanted to bring that trendy and youthful taste into my next pattern.  

While watching the show, I honed in on the juxtaposition of fabrics they used to express such contrast while still looking appealing. After thinking about how to approach the right colorways, I knew I had the perfect combo knitting the Horn of Plenty Cowl with Stone Soup DK in our darkest shade (River Rock) alongside our new Parfait Worsted in Coffee and Cream. 

Both fibers have very similar textures and compositions making them quite the power team in the Horn of Plenty Cowl. The speckled tone on the Parfait Worsted was something I wanted to style with precision and I’m so happy with the way the stranded colorwork turned out. I also took a leap of faith in using this rustic tweed in my Cheap Frills buttoned scarf where it is complemented by a red shade of our Festivus 6.0 Worsted. 

The Horn of Plenty Cowl got its name and further inspiration from the king himself, Alexander McQueen. He is a favorite designer of mine that never fails to spark my creative fire. His Horn of Plenty Collection was nothing short of a masterpiece. What really resonated with me is where he features the houndstooth pattern with such bold expression. I wanted to give a nod to him in the naming of my Horn of Plenty Cowl

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