fall crocuses

fall crocuses

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We are delighted to be bringing some of Anne's posts from Knitspot front and center. While we do our best to make sure that all links have been updated, some may slip through the crack-editing team's fingers.

This post from September 22, 2014. though we currently are just broaching the border into summer, the eagle-eyed among you may recognize the origins of this week's KPOW. Babies are welcomed anytime of the year and this post is a showcase of knitting gifts for those wonderful additions. 

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wow. it’s the first day of fall and just like clockwork, the temperatures have dropped and the wind has picked up. our old house can be a bit drafty, especially in the morning. today, while other knitters might be savoring their first PSL of the season, i’m getting snuggly with my own coffee and knitting at home, under a cozy little lap blanket.


the crocus patch blanket has been published for a while actually, but only as part of the book, my grandmother’s knitting by larissa brown.


until now.


i didn’t know until recently that we could publish this blanket as a single pattern, but once we realized we could, i thought it would be so pretty knit in several of our yarns. so in a way, it’s nice that we waited.


this sample was knit by our dear friend hattie, in our chebris sport, a luscious blend of fine wool and yearling mohair. [Editor: While Chebris Sport is no longer available, we recommend BNW's Cabécou Sport, Polwarth Sport, or Finn Dandy 2-ply Sport.] i can’t even begin to describe how soft and lovely this little number feels—i want to keep it all for myself. but it was made for everyone to see—i will share.


just for this morning though, i pretended it was mine. can you see those gorgeous mohair fibers catching the light?? so beautiful!

i keep imagining what it would look like in the cabécou brillant très bien. très belle. très great!


and if you are just now wondering how this might work up as a baby blanket option—i’m about to show you.


erica’s dad sent us these precious photos of little baby carter sacked out to great satisfaction on it.


nana candy knit his in breakfast blend fingering yarn for his christening gift, along with a wee slouchy cap i designed to go with it—hey it’s never too early to get them addicted, is it?


now, the cap and blanket are not just for the little ones—both patterns include sizes. the blanket has three and the cap has eight—one for every family member from preemie to adult.


the blanket show here is the smallest size; the hat is the 3-month size. they are both knit in the oatmeal shade of breakfast blend fingering yarn. it’s such a great color for a baby—it goes with everything, especially that lovely new skin. 

[Editor: While oatmeal is no longer an available shade, Better Breakfast fingering in Porridge would be a worthy substitute, as would any of eleven gorgeous shades baby skin sensitive yarn.]

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the crocus cap page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


the small size blanket is perfect for taking along in the car, stroller, or carriage, while the medium and large sizes make excellent covers for crib and playpen as well as for use as a lap blanket.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the crocus blanket page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


yep—blankets in the fall make everyone happy. the perfect thing to celebrate the arrival of yarn season!

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We hope you enjoyed this post from September of 2014. Where have all the flowers gone? We would love to hear stories of babies who were knit Crocus Patch Blanket or Crocus Cap and better yet... We positively adore pictures! 

Almost Ovals and Crocus Patch Blanket

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