5 Knitting & Crochet Notions You Need

5 Knitting & Crochet Notions You Need

Notions are small items used to complete knitting or crochet projects more efficiently. They make the crafting experience easier so you can save time and enjoy the wellness benefits of working with your hands. Keep reading to learn about five notions every knitter or crocheter needs.

1. Project Bag

Project bags carry your project and other notions while you’re on the go. They keep everything secure in one place. Our Royal Bee Zipper Tote holds your project, notions, plus an extra ball or two of yarn. Add a zipper pull for that extra special touch!

2. Buttons

Handmade clothing is worthy of high quality buttons. Pick a set that adds to the luxury of your new piece and complements the stitchwork and color. Buttons allow for versatility in styling and easy closure for warmth. Patterns typically include required button size.

3. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are removable accessories that serve as a placeholder for your project. They can signify the beginning of a round or the start of an increase; they are invaluable for keeping track of repeats in patterned work. Whatever you’d like to remember, let a stitch marker remember it for you.

4. Cedar or Lavender Sachets

Keep moths away from your yarn stash by placing cedar sachets or lavender sachets in the storage area. These scents are appealing to humans yet repugnant to invasive creatures. Aromatic sachets are a natural and less potent alternative to mothballs.

5. Needles 

Knitters use circular, double point, or single point needles depending on the project while crocheters use a crochet hook. Patterns typically offer needle/hook size recommendations to follow. Our knitting needles come in high grade stainless steel or handcrafted bamboo for easy gliding of the yarn without reflecting the light. 

Drop a comment telling us which notion has been especially helpful for you. At Bare Naked Wools, we have everything you need to start your next project. From artisan yarn to knitting patterns to buttons, you’ll leave feeling inspired to try something new. Shop our collection of notions.

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