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Lace to the Third Power
We're trying something a li’l different, and we know you'll want to join us for it! It’s a pattern only subscription, all about lace in rectangular shapes. Each installment will be based on one lace motif, interpreted into different accessory types—whether it’s flirty and feminine, bold and sassy, or trim and tailored will be up to you and your yarn choices. Whether you’re a lace newbie or a seasoned knitter, flex your skills with this fresh batch of “potato-chip” projects in bold yarn choices; these quick rectangles are the perfect canvas for trying new stitches, fiber types, colors, and techniques you’ve shied away from in the past. Our endearing Knitspot Ravelry group will be there to support and cheer you on!  
The Details
Signups begin April 17th, 2018. A one year subscription, with installments every other month, starting in July. Anne Hanson's original designs, the patterns will be exclusively available to subscribers only for 6 months after the release. $10 coupon (on 3 full skeins of yarn) will only be included with paid subscriptions before July 10th.
The Best Part...
The value, you will receive six installments of patterns for only $39! But wait, there is more| Early signups (before July 10th) will get a $10 coupon to purchase project yarns. Anne will announce the yarns she will be using before the go date. These will be suggestions to guide you, but you can always substitute yarns of your own.
Use coupon in the Knitspot store for yarn purchases here.
Lace to the Third Power will begin in mid-July 2018, one installment every two months through May, 2019—a total of six (6) knitting pattern installments (via pdf). Patterns will be made available as pdf downloads on the 17th of each delivery month.
Pricing and Payment
Subscription price is $39.00. Subscriptions must be paid in full through the Knitspot Ravelry Shop. Have more questions or need more information about payments? Please email; we are happy to be of help.
A discount coupon will be included in subscriptions purchased by July 10th, 2018. Coupons will be sent by email, beginning on May 10, 2018. The $10 coupon may be applied to a single purchase of three (3), full-sized (4 ounces or larger) skeins of Bare Naked Wools yarns available in our online store at Coupon is valid through May 17th, 2019.
Yarn will not be supplied in this subscription, but a suggested list of yarns will be released by May 15th, 2018. Projects are designed to make the most out of the yarns suggested for each pattern. 
Resolving Issues of Any Kind
Please email as your first course of action, stating the issue with as many helpful details as you can. David watches email like a hawk (except when he’s sleeping) and will reply ASAP to any query. 
Asking customer service questions in the discussion threads is not likely to result in a quick or correct resolution; we are not staffed to monitor discussion threads closely or in a timely way.
Issues With Downloading, Viewing, or Printing of PDFs
David is happy to help members sort out problems with downloads, however, we can make his life a lot easier by making sure that the following steps have been met:
  • Please try restarting your computer or mobile device to refresh your internet connection, then try your download again. It is amazing how often this simple step alone solves the problem (about 90% of the time!)
  • Please make sure that you have the most up to date Adobe Acrobat Reader installed; updates are free (and fairly frequent) at the Adobe site. Click here to investigate.
  • Please make sure that your OS software and browser software for computer, iPhone, or iPad is up to date. We are (necessarily) using the most current version of available software to create our PDFs and unfortunately, they are sometimes not compatible with older system software. Updating may take a bit of time, but it’s totally worth it; it’s a good idea to get everything in order before the pattern releases begin.