Origin of Perendale Wool

Origin of Perendale Wool

Perendale wool is soft, comfortable, and offers a beautiful sheen when knit in the form of a sweater or accessory. Our new Perendale DK is undyed and sustainably made in the USA. This single breed fiber was all the rage during the Mystery Wool Along and is now included in the limited edition Ruff Stripes Kit.

Perendales are a relatively modern breed of sheep, with the first traces dating back to 1956 in New Zealand. The breed is a cross between a Border Cheviot and a Romney sheep, developed by Sir Geoffrey Peren of Massey Agricultural College. The breed gained significant popularity in New Zealand and is still the most popular sheep breed in the country today.

Brought to the US in 1977 by Norlaine Schultz, Perendale flocks began to sprout in Maryland, California, and Virginia. Compared to other breeds, they are relatively easy to raise. However, there is still a low number of Perendale sheep in America. Breeders are committed to maintaining this beautiful creature. 

Perendales are a medium size meat and wool sheep known to survive well in a variety of different climates. Perendale fleece has a staple length of five to seven inches, classifying it as a longwool breed. The fiber diameter is between 28 and 32 microns. It is lofty with a good amount of spring due to its crimp. The fine, soft fleece is appealing to fiber artists who value high quality artisan yarn. 

If you are looking to cast on a yarn with a gorgeous hand and great stitch definition, Perendale DK is the fiber for you. It combines the unique qualities of Romney and Cheviot wool to form a versatile, adaptable product. Try it for yourself and let us know what you observe!

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