Deep Dive

Deep Dive

My contribution in the Bare Naked Wools 2018 Ensemble Collection was Deep Dive - a refined, lightweight pullover in ten sizes to knit in Better Breakfast Fingering or any of our fingering yarns. You could even knit this in one of our heavier lace yarns like the G.O.A.T. for an airy, nearly-sheer, super-luxe version.

The oversized cables hugging each side and outlining the dramatic neckline are sooo sexy—you just want to eat them up. The neckline cables diverge from a center front detail that gives the appearance of a deeply plunging neck, but the actual opening is quite modest and flattering even when worn without another layer underneath.

The cable love doesn’t stop there—those lovely serpentine ropes extend all the way around the shoulders and across the back to form a continuous chain along the back yoke. The texture is simply to die for—deeply sculpted, slinky, and beautifully defined.

The sweater body is constructed in round from hem to underarm, where it divides into front and back yokes. The sleeves of Deep Dive are knit flat and have a fitted cap; they are seamed and stitched into the body after the yokes are sewn together.

I’ve knit my sample in the Poppy Seed shade of Better Breakfast Fingering—just three skeins needed for this small size and four skeins for the next three sizes. This yarn goes a long way!

My friend Barb knit Deep Dive for herself in the Milk and Honey shade, a beautifully soft, creamy color—check out her project page if you’re curious about knitting this in a summery shade!

Here's another sample in Stone Soup Fingering, shade Slate. I am drooling over the effect in a tweedy version. Get Deep Dive on your needles today!

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