Parfait worsted yarn with Cheap Frills and Horn of Plenty sample

Color 'Coffee and Cream'

Parfait Worsted

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Cornrows mittens and hat

Deep, Warm texture

Cornrows Mittens and Hat

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Winding Diamonds

Winding Diamonds
Here’s a pretty sock for those first days of fall, when you want a little warmth on your toes, but not too much. It has to go with work clothes, and those new flats you just love. and the new heels. Shown here in Spritely Goods Sylph, colorway, Eaving. To purchase pattern or...

Moss Don't Grow

Moss Don't Grow
I haven’t talked about the moss green shawl in a while, but I have been working on finishing it. Got some done Sunday when Kris came over to knit. It’s really, truly almost done, but it’s at the slow stage, where a few rows takes an hour and makes little difference in...


Main Entry: dis·trac·tionFunction: nouna : Diversion of the attention b : Mental derangementc : Extreme mental or emotional disturbance; obsession I realized just now (ok, hey, I’m a late starter) that I often get distracted from knitting by yarn. (Ha! Just knitting? The rest of my life is rolling about the floor laughing.)...