2022 Mystery Wool Along

  • 2022 Mystery Wool Along

2022 Mystery Wool Along


Join us in a Mystery Wool Along Adventure!
Our MWAL features an unreleased rectangular pattern that can be knit for various styles with lots of twists and turns (no chatter on what it will look like though . . .). This brand new, exclusive design is broken down into parts that are released as clues—you follow along each week with us, knitting a new section.

Upon purchase, you may download a PDF with yardage, gauge, and needle information, as well as the cast on instructions to prepare for the first clue, released on June 14, 2021. 

Each Tuesday afternoon, a new pattern section will wing its way to you via email and on Wednesday evenings we meet on Zoom for group knitting. The Mystery Wool Along reveal party will take place near the end of July.  By the end of the wool along, you’ll have a brand new rectangular piece, which is perfect as a scarf, wrap, or blanket! 

MWAL Kits in several of our luscious yarns may be purchased here; each one includes the MWAL pattern, participation entry fee, and enough yarn to knit a scarf, wrap, or blanket—PLUS a sweet surprise! 

Did you already buy a MWAL knit kit? Then you don't need to purchase another pattern (it's already included in the knit kit!)

Help Lost Dogs in Need: Did you know that each year, approximately 10 Million pets find themselves lost from their home? It is crucial for their well-being that we support organizations who are trying to make a difference for those animals experiencing such challenging times. We’d like to do our part to help by donating a portion of each MWAL purchase to JJ's Ruff Roads Lost Dog Search & Rescue, serving Stark County, OH.

JJ's Ruff Roads Lost Dog Search & Rescue is an organization that wholly supports the health and positive transformation of lost dogs. They are committed to reuniting these dogs with their owners and rescuing any stray dogs on the run.  

Clue Schedule: clues are mailed on Tuesday Afternoons

  • June 14: Clue 1
  • June 21: Clue 2
  • June 28: Clue 3
  • July 4: Holiday — Catch Up Week
  • July 12: Clue 4
  • July 19: Clue 5
  • July 27: Project Reveals!

Zoom Meetups: Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm and Saturdays from 12:30 to 2:30 pm EDST

  • June 15 and 18: Clue 1
  • June 22 and 25: Clue 2
  • June 29 and July 2: Clue 3
  • July 5 and 9: Holiday — Catch Up Week
  • July 13 and 16: Clue 4
  • July 20 and 23: Clue 5
  • July 28: Project Reveals!

Holiday and catch-up week is optional, but no new clue until July 12.