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Modern Deco Sport is a luxurious 3-ply blend of combed targhee wool and 50% Tencel. It knits into a smooth fabric with beautiful sheen and drape, which also has plenty of body. This yarn creates a light and airy fabric. It is an all-climate fiber that feels cool and dry against the skin in heat and humidity but still provides a snuggly warmth in cold weather. The 3-ply Sport weight is perfect for sweaters, shawls or accessories.

Get the Vine Flower Dress here:

Get the Summer Dance pattern by Annie Lupton (Boho Chic Fiber Co.) here:

3-ply Sport weight: 4 oz., 400 yards, 4 - 6 sts/inch on US 4 - 8 (3.5mm - 5.0mm)

Suggested Knitting Patterns: Leaving, Fallberry Mitts, Tudor Grace, Hypoteneuse and Strömming

More about Modern Deco and Tencel... 

Plant fibers are known for making comfortable, breathable garments that can face off with the roller coaster of Mother Nature's mood swings.

Cotton and linen yarns are pretty popular plant-based yarns with good reason, but honestly? There's something even better and it's exactly what we use to create Modern Deco.

The secret ingredient is Lyocell (aka Tencel), a fiber sourced from sustainably farmed eucalyptus.

When compared to cotton, Lyocell is both more comfortable and more eco friendly - by a long shot!

Lyocell vs. Cotton
* 50% MORE absorbent than cotton
* LESS susceptible to odors
* Uses less energy to make
* Uses less water to make
* Shrinks less
* Wrinkles less

Plus, Tencel...
* Is 100% biodegradable
* Produces a supersoft fabric
* Tends to get softer with every wash
* Is increasingly the eco-conscience choice for sustainable fashion

Tencel can be as soft as silk and significantly softer than cotton. It's more breathable and more recyclable than cotton too. The quality I find most fascinating though?

Lyocell is temperature regulating.

Essentially, "Smart Yarn." Keeping you cool on hot days and warm on cool days. How awesome is that?!

Want to know more about Lyocell? Try this article ( from Business Insider or the article, "How Ethical is Tencel ( "...or just Google it. There's certainly no shortage of respectable sources singing the praises of this "smart fiber!"

Or give it a try and find out first hand why this yarn is becoming a fast favorite among discerning knitters and designers!



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