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Located mere minutes from
the Football Hall of Fame.


Bare Naked Wools Boutique opened in September 2014 and is located in Canton, OH. Lookout for the Little Flower Sign, we are in the same building.

Our showroom features 12 premium yarn lines, all natural wool, no dyes.



(330) 453-7867



211 15th ST NW
Canton, OH 44703

Lower Lower West
entrance on Carmen Court
between Logan & Harvard


Mon 10a–3p
Wed Open Kint Nite 6:30p–8:30p
Thur 1p–6p
Sat 11a–3p or by appointment

Ensemble is more than just a gathering of talented designers. It is the product of a particular esthetic, careful selection, and a mindful approach to styling and presentation. This collection is all about how to make your knits a functional part of your wardrobe rather than a layer on top of your look. We believe that Bare Naked Wools create exceedingly beautiful and high-end fabrics in stunning, natural shades for knitwear that goes beyond the boundaries of handmade. 

The Winter 2016 collection is based on urban fashion and rag-and-bone looks. Knitwear becomes outerwear, eveningwear, and the foundation of a wardrobe full of sophisticated and daring looks.

New Ensemble Spring 2016 Now Available

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Bare Naked Wools is a yarn label created to meet the needs of knitters. Our yarn create garments that are soft and luxurious. No chemicals, dyes, or harsh processing create durable fabrics that showcase the integrity of each fiber. Our yarns come from animals that are loved and doted on and mills that understand and appreciate their materials. 

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