Yarn Discovery Tour provides fiber enthusiasts the opportunity to visit 17 amazing yarn shops throughout Northeast Ohio.

Bare Naked Wools Boutique special hours for YDT:

Monday 11a - 5p

Tuesday 11a - 5p

Wednesday 6:30p - 8:30p

Thursday 11a - 6p

Fridays 11a - 6p

Saturdays 11a- 6p

Sundays 11a - 5p

Come Visit US, passports and tote bags available

Located mere minutes from
the Football Hall of Fame.


Bare Naked Wools Boutique opened in September 2014 and is located in Canton, OH. Lookout for the Little Flower Sign, we are in the same building.

Our showroom features 12 premium yarn lines, all natural wool, no dyes.



(330) 453-7867



211 15th ST NW
Canton, OH 44703

Lower Lower West
entrance on Carmen Court
between Logan & Harvard


Mon 10a–3p
Wed Open Kint Nite 6:30p–8:30p
Thur 1p–5p
Sat 11a–3p

Mood Swings Club - SOLD OUT

Choose your own adventure on a journey through color with some of the most talented independent dyers and our very own Anne Hanson. Your choices sculpt a club that is uniquely your own: each shipment offers a new chance to explore your taste in color and stretch your boundaries with new techniques, tools and colorways. 

Explore the dark side with Mood, a selection of stormy, brooding tones or choose LIFT and embrace your inner optimist with a pop of vivid color. Let us surprise you with a single skein each month or double dip and get both for a perfectly contrasted set. The choice is yours!


We appreciate the versatility and possibility that knitting brings us: through the exploration of yarn and fiber, we are able to discover within ourselves a level of craftsmanship unrivaled by the fast fashion readily available to us. The time we spend knitting is secondary to the sense of satisfaction and pride that wearing a hand-knit garment brings, whether the knitter follows a pattern or takes creative license along the way.

Ensemble is more than just a gathering of talented designers. It is the product of a particular aesthetic, careful selection, and a mindful approach to garment making.

Each pattern included in these pages focuses on creating a functional garment featuring knitted pieces that are a part of your wardrobe, rather than a layer on top of your look.

New ensemble spring 2017


Bare Naked Wools is a yarn label created to meet the needs of knitters. Our yarn create garments that are soft and luxurious. No chemicals, dyes, or harsh processing create durable fabrics that showcase the integrity of each fiber. Our yarns come from animals that are loved and doted on and mills that understand and appreciate their materials. 

Bare Naked Wools Shop

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